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An Urban Permaculture Transformation: Hoarder Heaven to Garden Paradise

Posted on May 23, 2012 by Andrew There have been 0 comments

A couple of years ago we purchased a piece of land in Ramsay, the community next to our store. The previous owner was a hoarder. We inherited junk that you can't even imagine. The place was buried in it. We found an extensive collection of broken vacuums, decades of old paint, car parts, broken rowing machines, you name it. The entire property was lined with rotting carpets. The place was disgusting. And the neighbors hated it. It is taken a couple of years to sort through the junk to get rid of it and to recycle what we could. Finally, from under the rubble, we can see some dirt, and it's time to cover that dirt with garden. With the help of a team of local Permaculture designers, we will spend the summer turning this neighborhood eyesore into an urban Permaculture paradise.

We have a grand vision for the place. There is a lot that needs to be done. there is still some junk to be dealt with. And that will be ongoing. But the biggest job is to start remediating the potentially toxic soil and build new, rich, healthy earth to grow our plants.


Follow us throughout the summer, and watch the results of the urban Permaculture installation. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and take a tour. Keep an eye on her blog for the latest updates. And if you want to learn more about urban Permaculture gardening, we will be hosting several Permaculture blitzes throughout the summer. These will be one-day events that will allow you to learn from really exciting and creative landscape designers. You will have a chance to have fun getting your hands dirty with some great people from around the neighborhood and around the city. Keep an eye on our events calendar and our Facebook page for more information. Be sure to book your spot ahead of time so that we have enough food and drinks and tools.

By the time fall comes around, we hope to have turned this junkyard into a bountiful garden that will only continue to evolve. We will have laid the foundation to have thriving fruit trees, berry bushes, as well as plenty of herbs and vegetables. We look forward to sharing.


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